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BungiFungi21 karma

Hi there! Thanks for doing the ama. I have always considered doing something like this, so I thought I would ask about your hardest experiences to see if I think I could handle it:

1) Worst sleeping arrangement/issue? What if there is just no place to camp/find affordable hotel/etc? Any advice?

2) How do you deal with going to the bathroom when in a crowded country that you don't speak the language? E.g. emergency #2 situation?

3) What are some of the hardest issues/situations that you had to overcome and how did you deal with it?

4) Percent time camping to percent time in couchsurf/hotel/hostel?

Thanks so much!

BungiFungi1 karma

1) How do you keep things from getting stolen on the bike when you go inside somewhere and the bags are on the bike?

2) Where do you poop? Are there public bathrooms in Central/South America?

3) How inexpensively could you travel through Central/S.America staying at hostels and camping when available?

Thanks for posting this!