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As someone who suffers mild schiphrenia(I failed to spell that right.), severe OCD, suicidal thoughts and anorexia, I just want to thank you. Although I've never gotten help and still go unmedicated at 15(If I make it to 18, I plan to get help...my parents are. Eh. Haha.), I think it's an amazing thing you do. I don't think I could have seen the things you did and still be sane! That was probably way more details then you needed, but oh well! Haha.

I go through all the drama associated of people with mental illnesses, think we aren't 'capable' and stuff like that, and knowing that at least SOMEBODY believes in us is a wonderful thing.

My parents, unfortunately, are one of those who stereotype mental illnesses. They say people who commit suicide, cut, and starve are idiots. And that because the zoo I volunteer at knows I'm not mentally sane, nor physically well, that they should NOT keep me on the program. It's hard dealing with it from my PARENTS of all people.

But seriously, thanks. For believing in people most people don't. :) You're doing a great thing! Sorry for my rambling haha.

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I actually had a person from the zoo I volunteer at and he helped me alot. Unfortunately when my life became in danger, he told my parents. I'm now dealing with being punished for it, beat down emotionally, and now am not allowed to talk to him.

The mental breakdowns are at an extensive number, and I feel like a spoiled brat half the time, but the suicidal thoughts have been gone for over a week, so I'm trying to hold on to that lately. Ive been dealing with this and cyber bullying for...5 years? I'm pretty used to going it alone. Shrugs

...Ahaha sorry I tend to ramble.

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I'm actually homeschooled, so that's not possible! I handle it pretty well most days I suppose... :) Thanks though!

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I have been told my parents are both emotionally abuse and toxic to me. And my dad has physically abusive tendancy, not towards me though. But like 0.000001% of the time I love them, and they'd be PISSED if I reported it and I can't handle that. And because of other family stuff that happened, it's almost 100% positive I will be taken. All of us will.

I've been told it may get better after I move, as in my relansonship with them, so I'm crossing my fingers for that. I really want to love them, I dont want to make them angry or its going to make my life harder, so.

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No need to be concerned! I've never been great at attempting anyhow. The fear gets the best of me.

I have been told several times about that, unfortunately my dad tracks every phone call I make(plus he took my phone recently..) so I could never do that without the same reaction they had to me talking to the zoo guy.