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I think the rich fly because their time is too valuable. They would also prefer to sleep on a comfortable luxury mattress than in a train seat.

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Did you sign a nondisclosure?

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Report the AMA.

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My acid reflux went away when I removed dairy from my diet. Try it for 2-3 days and see if it goes away.

It's a combination of dairy products are difficult to digest (require a lot of acid to break-down), and most people are low on magnesium (which is required in the production of stomach acid).

With a diet heavy in foods that are difficult to digest, you quickly burn through your body's reserves of magnesium, and then your body can't keep up with digestion.

At least in my case, it exhibited as digestive paralysis, where 3 hours later the food was still completely undigested in my stomach. So every time I moved, I would be burping-up stomach contents.

Some people prefer the reflux over a life with no cheese / cream, however.