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Chris What's up?!?! I'd first like to thank you for assisting in save my sisters life. We are from south Jersey and Angelina was on your show;documented in September of 2008. I'm almost positive (I couldn't find a picture to confirm) you were at my house with a few of your co-workes because I remember my Mom LOVED you. It must be a pleasure working with Candy Finnegan and touching so many peoples lives.

A few questions I always had:

1) You guys are crazy for following my sister in Camden. Have you ever almost shit your pants when you thought you were in trouble? I know if I was a dealer in Camden and saw your rented out white van taping me I'd def shoot your car up.

2) If one of the persons you are taping OD's and there is no other family member around do you call an ambulance? I know there are a lot of things you couldn't do which must of made you job pretty stressful.

Anyways Ang is doing wonderful and is still clean!! We just got back from her Wedding in Mexico last month and I have never seen her so happy in her life. I appreciate what your show has done every day. You have no idea how stressed I was that she would die anyday and I'd never get to see her again. Preparing yourself for a loved ones death is the worst feeling in the world. Thank you so much, I always wanted to thank you in person after everything was said and done but never got the chance...

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Yeah she's doing awesome, but misses all her friends she met in San Diego. It's great being able to look back on everything and just laugh about it all with her. It's weird when we talk about it and laugh cause it wasn't funny when it happened, but I guess that laughs help us bypass it all?