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Isn't that common for people with Autism? I saw a movie about woman with Autism and one of the things she came up with (in addition to revolutionizing slaughterhouses) was to have a machine that squeezed her tightly. She said it helped to calm her down. I cannot for the life of me remember her name though.

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Yup! That's her. It's a really good HBO movie, I highly suggest it. Ms. Grandin is one of the smarted people I have ever heard about.

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This is an idiotic comment. There are many psychiatric illnesses that present with somatic complaints. We have no evidence that antibiotics help in any way from multiple RCTs and yet we should believe individual stories? Should we do this for every disease treatment? Do you want your pneumonia treated with an N=1 treatment modality or an N=1,000?

Just because you don't like that there may be a psychiatric component to these diseases creating these somatic complaints doesn't mean that's where most of the evidence is pointing. Are you familiar with conversion disorder? Should we treat that with the normal treatment modalities for the complaint, or should we treat the underlying psychiatric stressor? There are risks to all treatments, antibiotics carry their own - sometimes deadly - risks. We help people by treating a disease with the appropriate modality, not the modality the patient wants but the one the evidence proves successful.

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Did you try getting psychiatric help? Many times when SSRIs are added to the treatment of chronic Lyme patients they experience breakthroughs.