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Because many Founder's are concerned about their premium time ticking down on Open Beta, can you confirm whether that will timer begin going the minute open beta starts, or when we first log in after open beta starts?

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I'm really sorry about the troll. I've been a big fan of yours since the age of 14.

I was wondering if you could tell us a little bit about your relationship with Norm MacDonald. The rapport you two have is spectacular, I've always wondered how you came to be friends and how you've got along since the DML era.

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This does happen, for both genders and for straight people looking to explore as well.

It's not the most common type of client, but it's not uncommon or off putting or unusual or anything. Though in my experience straight men experimenting with other men happens somewhat more often.

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Can we get a quick outline of when certain features may appear? Specifically, new user flow(achievements) and UI 2.0? Doesn't need to be set in stone or anything, just an idea.

Also, would like to know which of those is higher on the priorities list.

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Have you heard Timothy Seals' brilliant remastering of the Mechwarrior II soundtrack? It's the best thing I've heard in years, it's on a constant loop when I play Mechwarrior Online.