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During the holidays my family puts out a little basket of snacks and drinks and such for delivery drivers to take if they please. Glad to know you appreciate that kind of stuff:)

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Hey. I was near the shooting at Saugus High in socal. You never think anything like it can happen to you until it does. It genuinely is crazy in the moment. My mom was so stunned that she couldnt drive for 20minutes after we knew. (I was outside the school about a block away). Another thing is that a lot of people get ptsd or the like. A LOT. Just today one of the campus golf carts ran over a sealed container filled with air and it made a loud pop. Not gunshot loud but like a medium Loud. Nowhere near what a .45 pistol would sound like. People ran put the campus screaming the whole shebang. Lastly, even if you aren’t directly involved, it still impacts you. Now i knew all the victims and even had personal ties to the shooter (long time ago nothing current). I was not there and saw nothing near to what some of my friends experienced. But it is still hard knowing 3 people died at my school. 2 were murdered and 1 committed suicide. All 3 were described as happy people. People that deserved nothing but the best. Though i can inly vouch that for 2/3 its hard. They were nice peopleand weren’t uber popular by any means. Just run of the mill kids leading fairly normal lives. And it sucks that I will not be able to see them anymore even though I had just small occasional interactions with them. I think about them alot and it gets me really down, though it is fairly new

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