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Fellow dirty south native here. Atl lights suck!

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I nearly broke my spine from cringing so hard at this comment. Fuck that makes my skin crawl just thinking about it

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Looking back now. Could you be the person who pulled the lever to drop the nuclear bomb in Japan? Meaning, would you do it?

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wait a sec! I am literally 2 weeks from moving to the British Virgin Islands and they told me my income tax was only 8%. Will I still have to pay US tax in some way??

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Awesome AMA! I'm 5'11, 230lbs.... Guessing 20% fat... Pretty solid muscle base. Decent strength. Bench 1RM 345, dead lift 225 for reps.... If I could get on a quality/realistic cut I would look good. Any advice for people bringing my body type down to 12% or so? Eat clean, eat clean, eat clean. Duh. Carbs are my weakness. How easily can carbs set me back, etc?