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Hi, great work you're all doing! Thanks for doing this AMA. Kind of unrelated but related.

I've noticed a significant correlation between what's happening with the baker act, and Red Flag Laws.

You have said it's not your place to propose policy changes; for what you've uncovered. Even though you're one of the most informed about the subject and its flaws.

My question is, what's your view on the Baker Act, and Red Flag laws majority wise; being used for nefarious reasons? How would it be suggested to share the information uncovered about the dangers these bring? Yes they both have their purposes, are were written with no ill-intent. However that's unfortunately not the case, and are being abused.

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If theres not a majority issue with the baker act, then why even investigate it? Especially if you all wont propose solutions, to the problem being uncovered. It's been stated multiple times that there is a vast amount of children being misplaced and wrongly targeted.

The same is being applied with red flag laws and I strongly suggest reading up on it. E.G in washington, LEO have been filing significantly more ERPO's vs civilians (something like 47-1, dont have the info on hand but its wild). For a law that's intended for the general public, that's ridiculous. States granting police forces military gear, and giving them tools to confiscate personal property without due process; BASED on differing opinions and lifestyles. That's scary, especially within the last 5 years there's been countless police misconduct and manslaughter cases. It's hard to find unbiased articles (not like your co-workers conglomeration of paragraphs) and use critical thinking about the subject with their implications. But they're out there. Heres a digest from a different POV. https://www.reddit.com/r/WA_guns/comments/djqirl/fbi_using_seattleking_county_to_confiscate

E.G. Around thanksgiving 2018 a sister called police on their elderly brother. Brother didnt know red flag law was in place and wouldnt turn over their weapon, esp because it was from a dispute with family. Cops shot and killed the 61yr old man. https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2018/11/05/fatal-officer-involved-shooting-in-anne-arundel-county/