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a sail on a sailboat. Everyone had an opinion on what was the best way to cut/make one. Hence the saying "I like the cut of your jib"

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Hey mate.

Canadian carpenter here. I used to work for Habitat for Humanity. I found the best volunteers to be middle aged women. If I showed up to work and saw I was getting 10 women in their late 30s and up, I knew it was going to be a productive day. They listen, are willing to learn and don't care about images. Men of the same age bracket seemed to want to over ride me, as I was only 23 when I ran their sites. Men my age only wanted to show off and (huge generalisation here) younger women cared more about showing that they were there than working. Like "look I'm here! I'm helping so much! Selfie! !!! Oh, I don't want to get dirty or lift things". That happened a lot. They generally were given tasks like getting coffee and water and cleaning areas for our next task. It may sound shitty, but it's all they were willing to do.

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So.... who really smoked more pot The crew or you and spenny?

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Oxford, Nova Scotia?

Blueberries was my tip off...

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Ah, I see. Thanks from a Haligonian who has probably eaten some of your berries before!