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Im on day 108 with no alcohol after years of drinking quite heavily. Im getting to the point where im telling myself i dont have a problem anymore and i can drink again even tho i know i really shouldn't. How should i go about this?

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You rock. I needed this today. The r/stopdrinking has really helped and ive checked in there every day. No reason to break the streak now

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I work as a blackjack dealer at a casino so i see many people who have gambling addicitions all of different levels. Are there any things i can do as a dealer to help my players with their addictions without losing my job?

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Our casino has a "play smart center" where a player can come and talk about their gambling issues and help find solutions but the employee is usually only around once a month and i find alot of gamblers dont like to openely talk about their issues

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I had a good friend pass away unexpectedly due to undiagnosed diabetes. After that happen it kinda scared me so i got teated myself. Im not diabetic but there was something in my blood that was 3x its normal levels and that usually happens in people who drink too much. So that scared me too and made it really feel real that the drinking was actually having a harmful effect on my body