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Didn't see that coming... But makes sense...

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What is the most you have made in a night or weekend.

Also what is the most memorable night you have had as a stripper.

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When we around dangerous things we become kind of desensitized to the dangers we are at. How does this affect you in your work place.

Also what PPE is required for that work, I know what it takes me to unload an acid or caustic truck I can only imagine the suits for radiation.

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Wow, I have to wear more for unloading a truck than you do to play with uranium. That my friend is a trip, and your space sounds air conditioned and well lit, mine is outside 110℉ heat baking in a Gumby green rubber suit respirator and eye pro, hardhat is mounted inside the Gumby suit, steel toe and flame retardant clothes on underneath. Geeze I'm in the wrong gig.

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I wish, ours are company provided, just simple face masks, either half face or full face. But since we work with chlorine gas, they have to filter everything under the sun. It's rough just breathing through them in a clean filter, by the time the end gets fuzzy with insulation your having trouble keeping up, throw in a flight of stairs and holy hell you feel like your about to die.