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It’s soooo much worse than what you smell. Imagine pulling machinery apart that has been sitting for 2 weeks. I can personally verify that it sometimes smells like a decaying corpse.

You get use to it eventually. But it’s really hard to get rid of as well. I usually turn a few heads if I have to stop at the grocery store on my way home. Oh! The pay rate also makes you forget the smell.

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To better answer your question. I made a quick call to the journeyman that I work with. He was in a different union and he exclusively traveled around The United States. Last year he made $251,000.

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This year. Factoring in pay raises every 1000 hours worked. I should break $100,000 as an apprentice. Once I obtain my journeyman’s card I can start buying cars with cash.

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I’m going to break 100k this year. A lot of overtime. But my father-in-law is a Millwright. It’s nothing my wife isn’t already used too. I’m doing more hours than the average apprentice.

This question was asked before, but the journeyman I’m working with came from a different union. They exclusively traveled around the United States. He filed his taxes last year for $251,000. But he was also away from home 85% of that year.

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I still have 300 hours of tim banging to do for my apprenticeship.

Actually to better answer your question I’ll list some stuff off I need to complete for my 8,000 hour apprenticeship.

•3700 of machinery installation, repair, overhauling, and rigging.

• 1000 of welding •200 of masonry •400 carpentry •200 pipe fitting • sheet metal (tin banging) • 500-750 in the machine shop with the machinists

I was told once “When a company doesn’t want hire 100 pipefitters, machinists, electricians, welders, and iron workers. They just hire millwrights.”