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As a person who has lived with chronic pain for almost 15 years, and the added stress that gives.

I know pain influence our stress response. Personally I got stressed from taking an abundance of pain medication, as I felt I could not function properly. But the pain is also a bummer. What is your number one tip for breaking this cycle.?

Brunchz0r1 karma

Thank you for your answer. I am in the proces of managing my life, and adjusting my goals accordingly. But it's a weird dynamic for me, I have to prioritize between realizing my career / playing golf (my escape) / my social life and love life (which is on hold). Feels so weird to take a pass on work to be able to go to a social event which is important to me etc. But luckily I have a good job with a nice boss in a progressive country (Denmark).

I quit the opiods, and currently trying to manage my pain in other ways without drugs. But it's hard.