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I was in Hocking Hills this weekend! As a NE Ohioan Hocking Hills is my go to weekend getaway.

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To compare what we have in Ohio to out west is laughable. There is simply no comparison. I love my state for a myriad of reasons including the state parks and our lone National Park, and honestly would be very hard pressed to move anywhere else, but Our parks simply do not compare. If you make it out this way, make sure to check out Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Hocking Hills, Punderson and Maumee to name a few, but don’t expect them to be on par with the parks out west.

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Ha! I just saw that. When I saw you were doing this on FB I just rushed over to ask something I had been wondering for a while now before reading the rest of the questions! Thanks so much for doing this!

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Dan! Loved Predictably Irrational! As a young marketing manager it has been an absolutely incredible resource in having a better understanding as to why we make the decisions we make.

Out of all the experiments you have conducted, which was your favorite, and which had the most surprising results?