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BrownEggsandBacon23 karma

Hey ProbablySalad! My husband's grandfather was Cliff Woodbury! Would love to hear the stories.

BrownEggsandBacon13 karma

I thought he might know him from the Indy Oldtimer's Club. Cliff raced his last Oldtimers race at Indy in the late 1970s. We still have the jacket Indy gave him.

BrownEggsandBacon9 karma

The race driver! Of course we also knew your hysterical drivers ed teacher. Sadly, he passed away several years ago.

BrownEggsandBacon5 karma

Did you happen to know Cliff Woodbury? He was the national AAA dirt track champion in 1927, raced in Indy for 4 years in the 1920's and afterward had a garage in Chicago. He was involved in the Indy Oldtimers Club before he died.