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For Eugene, two questions:

  1. Can you teach me the secret to growing a great mustache?
  2. Can you take me on a gypsy themed adventure through the streets of NYC?

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Unfortunately, they clearly are. Fucking 9th grade anarchists.

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The fact that you're so eager to kill another human being is frightening. You're the kind of person that's made the world such a fucked up place, not the "demons" and "bad guys" you're trying to "take a stand against". Giving everyone a gun doesn't give them a fighting chance, it gives them a fight. All of you gun fanatics are a bunch of cowards: you say that you need some way to fight against tyranny or oppression and that a gun is your "only option", while in reality you have thousands of non-violent options. I think that at this point it's pretty beyond arguing that political goals can get met non violently (Gandhi, MLK, et al), and with that in mind, it's clear those who chose to resort to violence simply don't have the stomach to do things the hard (and right) way and instead cut corners by killing other people. I'm not trolling, I'm just disgusted by your shortsightedness and inhumanity.

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a super drunk one

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I think you and I can both agree that what OP is doing is a proof of concept and that, in 10 years or so, 3d guns will be more than a fancy zip gun