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Here's a long, but very honest and serious question if you decide to read and reply. I bolded the direct question though.

My parents took my out of school at a very young age. I had just completed the 6th grade. I was barely experienced in multiplication, let alone good at division. I've taken some developmental math classes at my college because it was required to get my associates in Criminal Justice.

What can I do to make math fun and exciting? because I dread it. Is it ever "fun and exciting" like people say, or is it something that only the people who have that abnormal connection with their brain that find it fun and exciting?

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A long question, but I'll bold the direct question if you're short on time.

I am a Criminal Justice student at my local college. I attend CTC regularly and hope to graduate soon. I currently have my Certificate of Completion in Criminal Justice though.

I've always considered being a 911 operator. My question is, What personal skills do you excel at that help you in your area of work? Does typing at 160WPM (my current record when typing/practicing for a day or two, but average 120WPM) help? I'm sure being a great multi-tasker helps as well, but what other personal things do you find that help you?

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I find I can be pretty calm when working under stress. I used to work the front desk at a hotel and during the busy seasons we would sometimes have 20-30 people standing in the lobby waiting to check in. I've frequently been the only one working at that time as well, and handled it quite easily. This became easier as I gained more experience and became faster and efficient at my job.

Is this your experience? Has it become easier to remain calm and listen better to calls the more experience you got while working?