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Or maybe you're starting to see the world the way the other half has always seen it.

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I agree here. I'm more comfortable on a date when we talk about who's going to pay rather than the awkward dance of reaching for a wallet and watching the guy do the same and seeing who wants to pay more.

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As a librarian, I would just like to thank you for your books. I read them as a teen and I like recommending them. Most teen and Young Adult books are more geared to young white women, and it good to have books for other audiences.

My questions are what writers inspire you and what was the last book you read?

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Since The Breakthrough, how do you think thing have changed for black politicians? That book also profiled black male politicians, so what do you think that black female politicians would face?

Have you thought about writing another book? I greatly enjoyed The Breakthrough.

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Don't respond at all. When you do something nice or charitiable, it should be for its own reward (the right thing to do and all) rather than seeking attention or accolades for showing that you're a good person.