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Are their any ports or places that surprised you? Places the non-yacht-owning public wouldn't expect to be as nice (or, alternatley, terrible) as advertised/expected?

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Who, specifically, "flew to Moscow and met with 'senior leaders'"? And who were these alleged senior leaders? What positions did they fill in the Russian government?

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Many of these policies violate current case and/or common law, such as eliminating corporate lobbying. Corporations are considered people, and passing a law to change that will not stand up to judicial review.

I'm curious as to how you expect to achieve the stated goals, including advocacy of The Green Deal, while endorsing class warfare. Socialism has never worked anywhere else, so why would it work here?

A lot of these positions specifically state that they will be federally funded. Who will fund the government if you succeed in taxing billionaires out of existence? Related to your desire to eliminate billionaires, are we to infer that multimillionaires are okay, or is there a set dollar level you're looking at as a threshold for "taxing out of existence"?

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