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Hey Brad,

I was wondering what your opinion of “gamesmanship” is. I watch a lot of soccer, both Premier League and MLS, and occasionally see players dive, embellish contact, or commit minor fouls when the referee isn’t looking in an attempt to gain an advantage. In your opinion, is this just a part of the game, however frustrating, (much like the wall creeping up during a free kick, or a throw-in taker taking a few extra steps) or do you consider it cheating?

In a semi-related question, how do you feel about media involvement with the sport in England? In the past few years, there have been high-profile events with Luis Suarez, John Terry, and others, in addition to media hounding of some players (Ashley Young, Suarez, Gareth Bale, etc) for things like perceived simulation or gamesmanship. Do you think the media creates more problems than it solves in this respect, and do you feel like certain players or managers are treated less fairly than others in the media’s eye?

Thanks for your time.

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That's a poor soundbyte.

What they really mean is, they only do PAID work for a few weeks. It's not like these guys are sitting on their ass for most of the week, lazily roll out of bed to go do one or two sessions a week, and then go back to playing phone games.

The acting industry (across the board, not just games and not just voicework) is notoriously unsteady. Unless you are a top-level, established talent (we're talking A-listers for hollywood, or Mercer, Hale, Blum, North, Strong, etc. for VA work), you are doing far, far more work than you are paid for.

You might get up in the morning and drive an hour to go do an audition. You get there, and there are fifty people who showed up to audition. You wait around for two hours to get your chance to tryout, and you get five, maybe ten minutes and then you drive an hour back home. Grab lunch, then off to another audition an hour in the other direction. Same story there.

A developer is going to get a daily workload and a paycheck on the 15th no matter what. An actor is going to get a job every now and again, and hope that covers the time where they don't have a job. Their work is still time-consuming, it's just that traveling and auditions and waiting and callbacks are not paid work.