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What was your career growth like? I’m interested in how you got to where you are. I hope to accomplish 10% of what you have.

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Wow I didn’t even check the ages. We have seven under 22!!!! Amazing

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Well I work for CDS (Club demonstration services) inside Costco and if we give out all our samples we have to just stand there until the shift is over. The only time we get to leave early is when we sell out of the product.

They have this point program where you have to accumulate a certain amount of points to get a $40 bonus on your check.

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Thanks for answering. Any other career goals you would like to hit? Mind sharing what a normal day’s schedule looks like for you?

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Hey Mr. Sheppard,

Now that the season is nearly coming to an end... what are your main priorities for this offseason and where do you see this team in the next 2-3 years?