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What is the worst thing you could do to offend them? What about within their own culture, what is considered "off limits?"

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In a world that's becoming more and more westernized and modern, do they feel the urge to abandon the life style they have to go make it in the cities?

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First, Thanks for your service. I'm an Army vet with only one deployment. Secondly, thanks for your service to us, the veterans.

How have the changes in behavioral/mental health treatments changed over the years? One of my doctors told me I have you all to thank, and it made me curious on the stigmas of BH/MH. It's already bad now, but I couldn't imagine it back then.

Also, have you told your stories yet? It's important to document this stuff just for records. There may come a day where people try to discredit or devalue what you have done and the sacrifices you and your brothers made. There also may come a day where we need to learn from past experiences instead of blindly trudging forward. I guarantee if you contact any AFN or public relations thing, they'd be more than willing to do a story, but they'd also be willing and wanting to hear yours. (I used to to work in that field and we loved vet stories)

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I am a photographer and want to help bring awareness to climate change. How can I do this?

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Is there anything to taste with these hot sauces besides mind searing pain? Like, the taste difference between Cholula and Tabasco for example. Also which hot sauce would be best for use with stuff like pasta sauces or Italian type cuisine?