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As a Starcraft 2 Fan, I had no clue about Team Dignitas' parent company and what they did.

Edit: For those that didn't see the comments, apparently Team Dignitas is not associated with the Dignitas we were talking about. I assumed it was a company team like many in Korea but upon further discovery I found they just liked the name. Glad I wasn't the only one confused =/

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Always amazing all this is possible in a browser. I prefer this over paint.net and gimp and find myself opening Photoshop less and less for my basic graphical needs.

Have you ever considered offering this as an app in say windows store or standalone? Also, I'd love to support your work but with how rarely I need a graphic editor $80 annually for adfree is outside my usage pattern / needs. Have you considered offering any other options.

Thanks again and always amazes me!

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I think I speak for everyone when I say, "Dear god, just make a minor expansion with more random events." People would be happy even with no new ships, weapons, etc.

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Many of us have those god forsaken floaters in our eyes, myself included. Is there really anything one can do to lower or diminish their quantity? Also is it true that some do clear up over time?

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Who would you prefer be your wingman if you were stranded in the wilderness? Bear Grylls, Mykel Hawke or Les Stroud?