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Love you guys, hoping to make the drive from Tampa to Atlanta to see you guys in early February. Congrats on the new album.

  1. Any plans to come down to Florida soon?

  2. What is it like being about to tour with 7 extremely talented musicians? Does a lot of new song writing happen when on a tour like this?

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Is she still with you? That's good for her. It definitely effects everyone involved so I'm happy she decided to be strong and stay by your side.

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Very cool man. Thanks for your reply. Stay strong, I'll pray that you never relapse. Stay strong.

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This is awesome man. My girlfriend is going through Leukemia and just had a bone marrow transplant. She's 24, so it's great to hear someone who's around her age having success.

How did you cope with having a cancer that kills roughly 10% of it's victims in the first year? I can't imagine being so strong to fight through that, so kudos to you.

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Hey Andy! I'm a fan of your funny character in Weeds. Was the actor who played your Wife as much of a bitch in person as she was in the show?

Do you have any funny stories you could share from the set?