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I read the response before the question and thought to myself "wow, Mitch is a real jerk" but now it makes sense....

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Why did you have to pick the one holiday I actually enjoy?

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You should still get them. Were you in SAG at the time? Credits aren't everything, people get left out. If you signed a contract then I doubt they wouldn't pay you

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uh, no ones saying he can't do both?

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Would you be willing to help promote my friends non profit? It was started by the son (my best friend) of a Haitian born man. He's working right now to raise money for the village his father is from by working with the people to improve the community. The idea is to start with this small village and work his way out to surrounding towns. I can guarantee every penny goes into development and a little goes such a long way when its managed right. Me and some other people went with him to help out and document what he's doing. By the end of the trip his grandmother made us honorary Haitians, hah.

Foundation For Haitian Development

Video of Bakery he built