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What steps would you suggest, for a man or woman, who has lost touch with their sexuality and wishes to reengage with it?

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With technology making it easier to document and store information, is there any significant effort being made to record the language and stories of the elders of your tribe? I've read about some programs for passing things down verbally to the next generation, but how about just recording it for all generations?

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Would you say that CIIS is the most mainstream or accredited place for therapy-minded folks to learn about these things?

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Is there much research being done on the combination of psychedelic and somatic (bodywork, etc) therapy?

I am a somatic therapist and find that a big part of healing on the somatic-emotional level is relaxing the mind's defenses so that the body can release stored-up tension. I believe (and have experienced) that psychedelics can help immensely in allowing the mind to let go so that the body can heal.

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Honestly curious, did you ever approach your battle with distraction from a more meditative or philosophical perspective? Like, is getting more things done even really... necessary?