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Navy vet here :-) Interested to hear your story! Thank you for having the courage to share it! I have a few Q's:

  1. How were you ”found out”?

  2. How much time was there between the date the brass was made aware and the date of your discharge?

  3. What was your MOS?

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I'd just like to say, as a gal who has struggled with depression and recently admitted to her own narcotic addiction, I'm glad you're still here with us, bro. You always make me smile. Now, since I have to make this official with a question, any good rehabs you can recommend?

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What do Moon Drop grapes taste like? I'd never heard of them until seeing that picture in /r/mildlyinteresting. I've never heard of Cotton Candy grapes either, though!

The "fanciest" grapes I've ever had were Champagne grapes that I bought at a Whole Foods.

I'm excited to hunt these things down (hopefully) and find them near me in Indiana!

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I just have to second the frozen grape thing. It's my favorite way to eat them! I feel like it makes the sugars even more prominent; and then if you let them partially thaw - just for, like, 10-15 minutes - each grape becomes its own super sweet slushee on the inside!

I pack my boyfriend's kids' lunches (he has custody and they live with us) for school, and they all LOVE getting frozen grapes in their lunch boxes :D

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I totally get not wanting to share publicly - but could I talk you into sending the name to me in a private message? If I'm gonna do this, I want the best. It's taken me several years to finally get to this point, and I don't want to half-ass the rest. It would be much appreciated! And seriously, man, it's great to have you here!