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Hello. Loved the book. Already got my book signed by you at an event and asked a couple of my questions.


  • You said you've done a lot of work and wrote a lot on things that didn't make the book, such as how He-3 mining is stupid and death in space. Will you eventually release things that didn't make the book online somewhere?
  • The ISS might finally be retired in the next decade. NASA's Artemis is supposed to land humans on the Moon again in the next decade too. (Maybe both are delayed further.) Given all that you've learned, what role should government have right in sending up humans to space now? Do you think the ISS (or another space station) and/or Artemis are worth doing right now at their current/projected costs?
  • You talk about lava tubes a lot and how they're much larger on the Moon and Mars. How have humans discovered how big the lava tubes are on the Moon and Mars? Detections from orbiting space probes? Seismic instruments on the ground? Theoretical arguments?


  • Diet Pepsi isn't my favorite, but it's still good.
  • Bloodcrete is definitely on the awesome side.

Brickleberried3 karma

Thanks for the answers!

Last night, I just happened to meet one (of the many) leaders of the National Space Society, which features a lot in your book. I asked him about your book. He hadn't read it yet, but surprisingly said he agreed with your overall stance. He said that some of his role is "reining in the crazies".