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Im a 47 year old man, and when I was growing up, my room was decorated with images of rockets, planets, and NASA Mission patches from Apollo, SkyLab, and eventually the Space Shuttle.

What inspired you all to enter this profession? What obstacles were worse than you expected? Were there any obstacles that ended being easier than you expected?

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When I was 44, I had a heart attack that apparently lasted about three days. When they got me into the cath lab, they found that my left anterior descending artery, and my right coronary artery were (almost) entirely blocked. They told me I was lucky I didn't drop dead. They ended up placing five stents - two in the LAD and three in the RCA. After the stent placement, they did an echo to see what damage I had sustained. I was shocked when they told me that I hadn't lost any heart function as far as they could see.

How is it possible to have blockages like that, and yet not suffer decreased heart function going forward?

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Are these the same children behind whom HAMAS cowardly hides, while they throw Molotov Cocktails?