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Briamah29 karma

Raffi... WOW... I just called my daughter who is a mom now and I asked her to guess who is on Reddit doing an IAMA. At first she guessed Michelle Obama then the Heckler at her speech. Then I said.

Think of your childhood.

And she said Raffi???

I laughed and said she was correct.

She told me then that she was just watching your concert with her children. Who are almost 10 and 3 yesterday.

She has had it for years..

I (we) haved loved your concerts, songs and words forever.

This is Just a THANK YOU.

PS at her house and mine were all dancing round and round.

Briamah12 karma

There is not much data on the children(18 and younger). Are they typically less likely to catch Covid still?

Briamah6 karma

I hope that the Big Picture is once again up for the Webby Award. I can not think of another more pleasant place to look at pics. Whenever I browse this site I am thrilled that I can spend more time enjoying the content than figuring out how to get around.

Briamah1 karma

I never did ask a question. I wondered how you felt about others who shared your gift for reaching out to children as well as adults through music. In particular Ella Jenkins.

I will get your book... The web has a dark side and there is a critical need to keep a positive force on the internet.

But often those who seek to suppress the dark are the dark as well.

How do you find the balance?