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The fries are terrible. Ate there with some friends and the fries were the worst thing we had. I'm guessing that the temperature on the oil was too low, because the fries came out limp and greasy, and they didn't taste very good. You have to have hot oil to make a good fry.

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Yes! Several times. Most of them were very enjoyable. A few were were not. One was very very bad. Total stalker. It's just like sleeping with anyone that you work with. You're going to see them the next day at work, plan accordingly.

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They're also the worst at the door.

Shocked expressions all around when told to pay cover. "But we're girls! We never pay cover back home!"

"You should go back there then."

Or my personal favorite, "Since when do hot girls pay cover?!"

"They don't. That will be $20 each."

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I get asked this question a lot. In fact, after, "Where is the bathroom?" This may be the most frequent question I hear. The truth is, it's very hard to answer. I've been doing this for so long, and we have so many customers come through on a typical weekend, that I see more crazy stuff every week than most people see in a year. So whenever I get asked this I always try to come up with a recent anecdote.

In fact this just gave me a great idea. Redditors, feel free to ask this question repeatedly. I will try to have a unique answer for each one. This may actually be a terrible idea....

Here is yours:

Several years ago I was working at a nightclub that had a large waterfall that dropped into a pool just outside of the dance floor. On occasion customers would climb over the metal railing beside the pool and jump in. We would kick them out as soon as they got out of the pool, which was usually pretty quickly. But one customer simply didn't get out of the pool. He just stayed in there treading water and swimming from side to side.

We kept telling him to get out, but I think he realized pretty quickly that none of us were going to go jumping in the pool in our suits so he just ignored us and kept swimming. It's like 2am, so we don't have any kind of life guard on duty in the casino that could go in after him. So after awhile we gave up. We left a security out on the patio to watch him, and lead him out when he finally got tired of swimming.

After more than an hour he finally got out of the pool because he wanted a beer and we refused to bring one out to him. When he did get out, wearing just a soaked pair of boxers, he took off running through the club, mostly naked and dripping wet. He was pretty quick, and I think he would have made it all the way out, but he got lost and ran into the back hallway, where half of our security staff was standing. Plus, as we pointed out to him once he calmed down, we had his clothes, shoes, wallet, and phone. Where was he going to go?

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Actually when we get really busy we have no trouble finding people to kick out. If anything, people start getting away with shit that would normally get them kicked out just because we are so busy. When you have a ratio of customer to security over 50 to 1, shit happens.

But this is frequently heard on busy night, "We're at capacity, find some people to kick out." We don't however do it by looks. We rarely even do it by gender, because one of the most common types of people we kick out are drunk girls.

"Oh my god Becky! Why did you drink all of those shots! You're ruining my birthday!"