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Same happened to my friend, but it was 5 months after the 2nd vax, so not sure if that made a difference. It came back though. My other friend caught it way back in march 2020 and lost her sense of taste, but that also came back quite quickly.

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It is publicised. They're called break through cases and the effectiveness of the virus wanes over time,.

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Do you still have brain fog and dizziness? I got a tbi and it took a good 3 years for it all to get back to normal. The brian fog was the last symptom to go and it was horrible. I thought it would never end, but it did.

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Do you believe that all contentious issues between people (both at the individual level and at group levels, such as between countries) are solvable? Are there any key things that make it more likely a problem will be overcome? What about when people are so stubborn they can't bring themselves to see other perspectives?

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How much money have you made?