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Hey, Tom! I used to watch Animaniacs and Pinky & the Brain when I was younger and now I'm an animation major in film school. My question to you is what are your thoughts on the switch from traditional 2D animation to digital 3D animation and which do you prefer?

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Wow this is awesome. I've actually never heard of your show. I'm sure you've gone through your fair share of pitches to producers and TV stations, but in your own words would you mind explaining it to me? The 45 second trailer you linked was a bit vague and j think it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear what the show's actual creator has to say

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Haha, interesting. Thanks for being honest. How long has this show been something you've been sitting on or working on? How easy or difficult was the path to getting your writing onto national television?

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My brother and family are going to universal this week! I should tell them to look out for you! You might have addressed this, but how long have you been there? Last time I went, maybe a year ago, I bought a few things, but I was too young to get that cool flaming wallet!

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Weird question maybe, but how does the sock stay on? Why doesn't it eventually slide down like the way people constantly have to pull up their dress socks again?