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Spiderman pointing meme.
College was multiple times a day. About a decade into the relationship, 6 years into marriage and 2 kids, it's like 2-3 times a month for me. Has been down to once a month or once every two months at times. I've found my wife is receptive to when I talk to her about doing it more...but a month or two after that it goes back down. It's an ongoing years long conversation.
It's different for everyone. If you want it more you gotta talk to your partner and tell them what you want and why you want it. I just tried to type out the reasons for me but it sounds a little selfish typed out haha. But it's not just about physical enjoyment. Relationships are give and take and it makes me feel good to be wanted. But I also love to please her so if we go a while without sex it makes me feel like she doesn't need any of that.

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Is that how my mom made you feel when you plowed her? 😥

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Multi hour yet same ole? Yeah I wouldn't be until that at all! 15-20 minutes and back to the office reruns. Though some of that does sound fun on occasion, for sure.
I think the point of all this is communication, understanding, and compromise (on both sides) is key

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What ever happened to that old lady who had the cable sex show? Would you ever do something like that?