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Bjarne Stroustrup (C++ creator): "There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses."

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30 seconds? "Brave is like Chrome but blocks all the trackers and surveillance that Google requires for its business and therefore puts into Chrome. So we are much faster, better on battery and dataplan, and private by default. We then help you opt into Brave Rewards for a simple loyalty-points-like system that pays you for private ads and helps you give back to your favorite sites, YouTubers, etc."

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Innovating quickly. Big orgs cannot do it, the reasons are well-documented in many books and case studies.

Also doing anything risky was hard at Mozilla, for reasons I won't detail here. Perhaps some day in my memoirs, but see KaiOSTech, which has taken the FirefoxOS code and ideas to market with 200M phones in sight if not already in the field. They even got a Google investment (Android does not fit at the low end, as I said while still at Mozilla). Too bad Mozilla gave up, but glad KaiOS stepped up (credit to Reliance Jio too).

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That's an arms race we can win. Browsers already spoof one another's User-Agent: header values, and there is no end to ability to camouflage. For now we look to most sites like Chrome, and that's fine.

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just now

Here's the trick: we don't *collect* user browsing data in the clear at all. Even if you enable Sync, the data is encrypted with a key only you have. This means we can't see your data. Our opt-in Brave Rewards system uses blind-signature cryptography to avoid us seeing your ad or contribution events or linking them together to make a fingerprint.

No government interference, and I've thought this through deeply. Please read https://brendaneich.com/2014/01/trust-but-verify/ and note that I'd do as Ladar did and shut Brave down rather than take a backdoor that would be found in open source, sooner or later, and trash Brave's rep.

Mozilla is not innovating as we are, perhaps because their dependence on Google search revenue ties their hands (I don't know the contract details). Also, they are not as innovative as they were back in the day. More browser innovation is good, right?

We store data using common database code formats used by chromium, sqlite and so on. Please see github, but note we do not and cannot hide your data from you. No DRM, we aren't Hollywood, don't have their powers, and would reject if offered. Again, all open source means any subterfuge by us would likely be found out, and we'd be roasted into a crisp by our lead users on social media.

Thanks for good questions.