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Here's the killer.. We are a separate organisation to PETA US, but we still have to advocate the messaging whether it's PETA UK that does something others deem crazy, or PETA US/Asia/Netherlands/France etc..

PETA US are THE craziest - they're responsible for the naked ads, the renaming things, downright offensive videos.

Until 5pm today I have to say "I support PETA in everything they do" after that, not so much - though I'm not going to go on a PETA hating spree..

There's a guy who sits opposite that saved 4,000,000 animals from painful animal tests in 2008 - he's a policy guy - and truth be known probably the voice of reason that's holding the UK office together, now that's the work I joined PETA for - sadly, all our good work is drowned out by the more crazy stunts, and as I mentioned above, we're alienating ourselves

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Sever ties with PETA US, rebrand completely - there'd be a loss of earnings in the short term but long term benefits would outweigh that.

PETA Germany do this, I laugh because the only reason they get away with doing what they want is because they speak German and no-one in PETA US do!

I would re-hire all the excellent campaigners, online, fundraisers, and other staff that were either sacked, made redundant, or forced to leave through PETA's bat shit craziness - some of these people were way ahead of PETA.

Stop funneling money into useless demonstrations that don't make a shit of difference. Re-open the education department that got sidelined, I think teaching kids to respect animals - whether they go animal rights or not later in life, will at least stop some of the nastiest cruelty cases I see day in day out..

Focus more on online than offline marketing - who reads a newspaper and changes their opinion - especially if it's some naked chick protesting KFC.. The biggest and best charities in the UK/worldwide don't give a shit about press, they know that online methods work way better, and cheaper

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Here's the cycle of things:

  • Person is a meat eater
  • Person watches PETA video
  • Person goes vegetarian
  • PETA emails them stuff
  • Person goes vegan
  • They find out what dicks PETA are and they hate PETA

The amount of vegans that hate PETA is insane, yet 95% of the people I speak to turned vegan through PETA videos.

The attitude of PETA is then - oh well, let's try and get into the papers and reach more people. The attitude of the people is - why don't you use your messaging for serious issues instead of naked/sexist/questionable/frivolous/trivial things

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Even I think there's something fishy going on there, but the truth is I have no idea, this is without a doubt the most common question asked by supporters and non-supporters alike. It's troubled me from day 1, because there's absolutely no transparency, just spin..

PETA hates 'no kill' - they think killing an animal is much better than "keeping it in a tiny cage" - now, my opinion is, if a dog or cat has to be put down because there's no other choice, go for it - I'd ask the same of my own life in that situation.. but I've never seen in the flesh an animal they've put down - I've been there twice for training and sat in an office, not the 'shelter'

But let me make an important point, regardless of the truth of their euth stats.. The Centre for Consumer Freedom, a front for Phillip Morris, the meat industry, et al, are also very good at circulating the PETAKIllsAnimals.com site, they have money and power, they also have a vested interest in taking PETA down, so anything you see with the word CCF, Centre for Consumer Freedom on it, I'd take with a pinch of salt

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PETA members, or PETA staff?