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BreakingBad_EXPERT1141 karma

Better for a meth dealer to go free than for a corrupt cop to be allowed to infringe the 4th amendment rights of citizens with impunity.

BreakingBad_EXPERT1040 karma

Good for you! It's a shame good cops are forced out by the corrupt ones.

At least the Captain is on the Brady list and known as a liar.

BreakingBad_EXPERT13 karma

Name and shame dude. I'm serious. Don't hold back. Post the name of the corrupt Captain and the Sheriff office he works for. You've already been boned career-wise and the worst that could happen by publicly stating his name is him or his colleagues harassing you. Which would then possibly lead to you bringing a civil case whereby his previous corrupt actions would be scrutinized and become public record via the courts.