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Do you get vendors that sell MLM products like essential oils, etc?

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How were stores and markets like with food? Would you have butchers, fish mongers, produce sellers, etc?

Growing up in the US in the 80's, I remember having large supermarkets with basically everything and fresh. Produce from around the country and world, fresh meats, deli, and daily caught fish.

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When I honeymooned in St. Lucia, I thought this was a fun fact, some of my drivers were pretty happy to share that the Queen owns all the beaches of the island.

Something from when the French ruled the island the monarchy owned the first 50 meters of land and was kept that way when the English finally owned it in the early 1800's. I guess to allow the monarchy to build ports and such as needed.

I'd be interested to know if that is true from the OP.

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£100 in 1938

UK inflation calculator says £6,200 in today's pounds.

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Apollo 10 had the issue of floating poop - incident captured in the official mission transcript.