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Your book has only sold 6 copies and it has got 3 reviews on Amazon.

Are the reviewers on Amazon your friends or your family who just bought the book to show their support ?

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Channing Tatum claims he is from near New Orleans, so he is perfect for the role of Gambit (a very popular X-Men character from New Orleans). As a native of New Orleans, would you be interested in competing with him for the role?

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Hi !! I am an aspiring screenwriter. Can you recommend any good screenwriting books or self-teaching tools to help me with screen-writing. I know this is something which comes only with practice, but still I would like to have a good base to start with.

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Lets say an Asteroid as big as the one in the movie "Armageddon" is on a collision course with Earth.

How do you guys plan to stop it?

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What are your views on the depiction of New Mexico in Breaking Bad?