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How old are you? Married or not? Do you make an "above comfortable" living off this? Any "further" expansion plans?

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Hi OP?

I have a few things to say on this, but please understand that I mean no offence.

I too have SCD - and you're very right that many people don't understand it and the lack of awareness is unfortunate.

But I would ask you not to place any emphasis on some arbitrary life expectancy. Apart from the obvious fact that anyone, ill or healthy can drop tomorrow, I would ask you to look to cases of SC that live to 60s/70s

Now I have no illusions that SCD affects people in different ways - and I know how incredibly lucky and fortunate I am in this regard because I haven't had a crisis in like 6 yrs. I'm 27 by the way.

Some people (like me) suffered more painful and frequent crisis during younger years and the reverse is the case for others. Mine were like every 3 months.

Like you I'm on hydroxurea and it's been a Godsend

Didn't mean to hijack your thread - but I'd just like you consider paying less attention to some time limit.

All the best BH

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Very true for which I'm thankful for.

I really do try not to think I have some specific expiry date.