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Years ago Bam was letting me live at his house but he didn't trust me to live there alone so Bam would have people babysit me. One of those people was Ryan Dunn. Before Ryann really became famous he had an apartment in downtown West Chester and he invited me over one day when Bam was away and we just hung out one day and shot pool. I will never forget that

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The way I deal with stressors today is that nothing compares to the stressors from living in active addiction. If I can survive a stressful day in active addiction I can handle any stressors from a normal day in life. I also work a program which is a huge part in every day of my life now

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My business is my business. Their business is not my business

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Phil's doing great. As family and people do they get older. People get slower and everything but Phil is in great spirits and health but dealing with his family stuff as we all are. Love that man

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Mike is a very temperamental fellow. He is a good friend, great guy, and during my active addiction I definitely was a lot to handle. He had some justifiable anger but the show highlighted and made the situation bigger than it was