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BrandonAUS4 karma

Sounds like a great team you have there, I will be sure to keep following the work you guys are doing, been seeing the supernatural vfx reels floating around a bit over the last month. Keep up the great work.

BrandonAUS3 karma

Firstly want to say love the vfx of supernatural. I currently work in vfx on feature films and was wondering for TV is having a wider skill set than just what your one department does more helpful/common since it is often a smaller team? Oh and happen to be hiring at the end of this year? :P

BrandonAUS3 karma

Awesome, I am currently a roto/paint artist with a bit of compositing experience. But in my spare time I dive into 3D.

I will check it out for sure, I am currently in Australia but Vancouver is very high on the list of where I want to start looking around.

BrandonAUS3 karma

That is probably the thing that appeals to me about swapping to TV for a bit is being more involved in a shot more than just your smaller role, I will be sure to keep pushing my 3d skills as well as keep developing my 2d, currently roto/paint with a little bit of compositing experience.