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Not too bad. In my experience bribes tend to be low enough that they know you can pay it without raising an issue with anyone else. I’ve paid €5 for a “I know your in a hurry so I won’t search your car for 2 hours” border crossing fee which seems to be the most common type of bribe if you can navigate out of illegal traffic stops. The lowest bribe I ever paid was a cup of coffee in Cape Town to get me out of paying several thousand rand.

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On most of my road trips I don't pay for accommodations. There are couch surfing websites and local college Facebook groups to ask around on. I've pitched my tent in backyards before. Granted I usually bring a gift for the hosts as an unwarranted payment, but they never ask for money. Just have a good time with the hosts and they'll set you up next time you're in town.

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It actually looks like the opposite is true with the federal government spending 9% more per Floridian than per Californian. The $3.5 billion this project has received over 12 years doesn't tip the scales.

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Just a heads up, Prop 1A that we approved in 2008 required that $9 billion of the bond sales go to the core project and $950 million of the bond sales go to regional 'bookend' projects. If CAHSR wants to access that full $9 billion from the bond sales, they have to show that the $950 million portion is also going where it's supposed to. That's the portion that is going to projects such as LA's Regional Connector and San Mateo's 25 Ave Grade Separation.

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I have heard a some comments from Brian Kelly (CHSRA CEO) regarding the vast improvement in communication between this federal administration compared to the previous administration. What kind of communication is ongoing with the current administration compared to the prior experience and how does that assist the timeline and efficiency of this project?