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When you're 5 ft nothing, never wrap a blanket around you while walking up a flight of stairs. Sorry to hear about your son. He definitely has age on his side.

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I've been told it has. For example on my mothers birthday, we ordered some vegetable dish and it was derived to home. My mom, sister and cousin were there. My cousin picked over the vegetables and I told her she should eat them. She responded, "I do eat vegetables" I then said, "it doesn't look Ike it!" My caregiver apologized to my cousin for my response. Later that day, i was told, "you never would have said that before" apparently I no longer have a filter

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Thank you so much. This has been hard and it bothers me when people think it's some ploy. In the beginning everyone is understanding and helpful, as time passes loved ones lose patience and become distant. Please be understanding with your brother. No one understands unless they've been in the situation or have a loved one experiencing it. It's definitely a big deal. Thanks for your comment. Hope your brother is getting better

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Yes, it's all day. I'm sorry to hear about your migraines. Try ice packs, it's the only thing that offers me a little relief.

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Are you serious? I'm never smoked but I wonder if this will help. Also I have asthma, will it be affected?