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don't go selling out to a UK satellite company any time soon, hey?

I get that reference haha

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Hi Phil, long time loyal customer. Signed up just before you did your poi upgrades a couple years back. Love your service and support.

Few questions:

  • Have you considered getting into building your own fixed wireless network?
  • Will business services still be going under the Wideband brand? Or will it eventually be AussieBB?
  • What else will you be doing to attract business customers? Are you looking at offering IAAS or other cloud services?
  • Will there be any other loyalty programs?
  • What sort of relationship does AussieBB have with NBN, and is it different to other providers?

Thanks for your time!

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Hoping that you end up opening a office here in Adelaide.

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They were fantastic, until they got taken over. Customer service went down hill soo quickly.

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Spot on, but as mentioned in the OP. This isnt a Telstra problem, but a NBN problem.