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This is the kind of transparency we desperately need in politics.

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I had season one running and my buddy walked in right as episode 3 started. He made it through almost the entire episode before asking, “Wait, is this satire?”

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At least not in this universe. I'm sure multiverse you is all about sharing.

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Non-profits dependent on grant funding are also going to be hit extremely hard if the shutdown persists. The government matches hundreds of millions of dollars in grant funding every year, most of which pays for critical social programs, services and jobs in the non-profit sector.

Just got an email from my grant supervisor letting me know that they will be unable to provide reimbursement match funds for the time being. If the shutdown moves into Q2 2019 we could see layoffs in the tens of thousands of individuals working for non-profit agencies.

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As a staunch atheist it makes my eyes bleed reading uneducated and blanketed statements like this.

Equating suppression of information in order to consolidate a regime's power to all world religions is so disingenuous I don't even know where to begin.