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Hi Warwick, What was your best memory working from in Star Wars movies? What was your first impressions and lasting ones of George Lucas?

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With regards to your new show this fall, ‘The Goldbergs,’ can you tell me what it’s like to work on a new show after Curb? Is there a different vibe on the set?

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You have done much voiceover work for many animated films. What is it that draws you to that work? Films such as Wall E and Toy Story 3 were not only successful at the box office, but also critically acclaimed. Did you have any inkling these films would become instant classics and how does that feel to be apart of such films?

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Jeff, what would you do for a living if you weren't an actor?

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Hi Christopher, I have very much enjoyed Family Tree, especially Monk. Such a great character and scene stealer. Where did the idea come from?