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How overpriced is the car service at the dealership?

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How do you handle pressure? I have an interview today and I'm nervous.

Also, what kind of donuts did the CIA director bring you?

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Are these symptoms of a migraine or of another issue?

I sometimes start feeling weird in my left arm, then it goes numb. The left part of my face also goes numb for about 30 mins. Then I slowly regain sensation in my arms and face. Sometimes my left eye has that weird black spot where it looks I'm looking at static. Then afterwards, I throw up for a couple of hours until my headache (which is a killer one btw) subsides. I usually try to get some sleep while all of this is happening and the rest of my day is ruined.

It also happens randomly but I suspect it happens because I'm on the computer too long and I put a lot of stress constantly on my eyes. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

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I heard that Russia launched a troll/bot campaign against the US election.

  1. Is that the correct way to put it?
  2. How exactly does that sow disinformation on social media?
  3. How far can it go?

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Do you need to be a US citizen to be an intern at NASA?