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A homemade penis pump made from a cut open coke bottle rubber gloves and a straw to blow in. I had no clue what it was, the offender told me about what it was because I had no clue. I caught a lot of hell from my supervisors and coworkers for weeks because of that. lol

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When the lights went out, and the generators took a few minutes to kick back on when it was snowing and sleeting. I was in a housing area in the pitch dark with 30 or so G4s (medium custody offenders) all around me. They are the troublemakers for General Population on my unit. Nothing happened, but I wont lie I was scared shitless.

I dont know what you mean by "Get Close" Do you mean like romance or being buddies with them?

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Statewide? Probably a little bit, but the thing is that nonviolent offenders become violent offenders inside prison. The Prison system is a college for crime, Ive seen guys come in on charges with marijuana possession, look like guys I go to church with and are polite, after a few months they're causing problems on the housing and work areas, trying to steal from the kitchen, doing everything they can to get over on us. I can honestly say I've only encountered a handful of inmates I could see being released without causing society problems.

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Having a homemade blowdart covered in feces and urine shot at me, but my puncture proof thrust vest caught it thankfully. The whole incident happened because I told him I wasn't going to allow him to go outside to the Recreation yard because he was on restriction, and I wasn't gonna argue with him over it, so I kept walking past his cell door.

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I don't consider any of them friends, or buddies. They're murderers, child molesters, rapists, etc. There are plenty of them I'm more friendly to because they never give me any problems and are polite, these guys usually older offenders.

Officers get fired all the time for relationships with offenders, not all female, there are a few males too. It's probably the number 2 reason people get fired in TDCJ. Number 1 being unexcused absenteeism.